The Origin Of Barock Timber Flooring -Wayne’s Handbook

One day of February 2015, Denny Larson, the executive director of a non-profit environmental protection organization in USA called Global Community Monitor, showed signs of headache and slight vomiting just a few days after he relocated. He immediately came to realize there should be problems with decoration materials. Subsequently he applied the professional organization to examine and found that oxymethylene was above and beyond standard. He suspected that it came from the purchased laminated timber.   Denny Larson and Richard Drury purchased over 150 boxes of laminated timber, and handed them over to the accredited lab for examination. The results demonstrated all timber exceeded the standard by 6-7 times or some nearly 20 times. The staggering number caused lab scientists reckon their machines were out of order.   On 1st March, 2015, the ace TV-program <60 minute> of CBS revealed the sold laminated timber of the largest floor timber company-Lumber Liquidators, whose ...
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OZWOOD Website: An informative site for flooring

  It is safe to say that it can never go wrong with shopping around when it comes to adding an expensive home-ware or household appliances to get the best deal. However, with well-trained salespersons, customers often get lost with confusing terminology and various forms of sales pitches without gaining useful and primary information. The same can be said when it comes to buying timber flooring.   With the aim of providing customers with the most primary and essential information when it comes to timber flooring, OZWOOD has dedicated a column at the official website. At OZWOOD website, you will find not only information regarding different types of floorings but also useful tips and demonstrations for installing perfect floorboard.   <The Essential Knowledge before Installing Floors> is there to help you should you need help in choosing the right floorboard for you home. Or perhaps, you would be interested in reading <Five Types of Timber Floors for Units and Apartmen...
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Installing solid timber in Units and Apartments

Among all type of floorboard, solid timber is expensive, delicate and volatile. However, it is still a popular choice for flooring mainly due to the following factors. It is safer and more environmentally friendly as it does not require any adhesive or chemicals. It is more stable as it is not installed with floating installation method. Moreover, as the surface of solid timber normally warms in winter and cools in summer thus making it a better and healthier option over others. Solid timber has always been a popular and luxurious choice for families.   Most units and apartment in Sydney normally install laminate as it is reliable and affordable. Other would prefer Engineered Floorboard as it is a more refined option. Some with special taste and desire for solid timber would take none other than solid timber.   These distinct individual’s apartment are often high-priced and located at prime area. Thus it is reasonable to install solid timber for such exquisite apartmen...
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The Spotted Gum I know

  Exceptionally hard timber flooring with varying grain, which is composed of a mixture of green, gray and gold colors provides versatility to a home. When furnishing a home, some prefer furniture with darker tone while others prefer lighter ones. Regardless of the choice of tone, a harmonious environment can always be obtained with this flooring. This is the most popular and sought after solid timber in Australia----spotted gum.   Due to the nature of my occupation, natural solid timber holds a special place in my mind. I have roamed all forestry around Asia, from the far north of China to those in South East Asia. I am fond of the Larch from the North East of China, I also desire Teak from Thailand, and the Rosewood from Myanmar adores me. A wood trunk or a broken branch would sometime remind me of the drying and polishing process of making a beautifully finished wooden product. I am passionate for wood and timber flooring. Not only it is because my occupation and ent...
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Solid timber flooring selection

Solid timber flooring selection is not an easy task. Without basic knowledge with timber floors, it is hard to know which is suitable and desired. This article will provide the buyer a professional introduction to 6 types of solid timbers: 4 Australian, 1 American and 1 African, to help with the decision of choosing which solid timber floor to use. Ozwood reserve the copyrights of the following article. It is not to be used without the owner’s consent.   Spotted Gum – popular choice           
  • Good Colour: Spotted Gum has a natural raw green and gray base colour. There are touches of light white and gentle red as well. This makes furniture matching easy and it is a modern and popular choice.
  • Measure of Hardness: The standard hardness for household solid flooring is 4.5KN (KiloNewton). The average hardness of Australian eucalyptus wood flooring is 9KN, and Spotted Gum has a hardness of 11KN.
  • Good stability: Spotted Gum not only has fine t...
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A Healthy Choice

The most beautiful home is not necessarily a house with luxurious decor of a palace, have expensive museum displays or space as much as a castle.   The most beautiful home is simply a healthy home.   To me, a healthy home has two meanings. First, a home that is a healthy environment for family living. And second, a harmonious and warm family atmosphere.   For this article, I will discuss the health impacts of your flooring selection and how it affects everyday living.   It is common today to see the incorrect choice of materials used in flooring. There are reported poisoning incidents from smells of aldehydes and discoloration. The most common of aldehydes is formaldehyde, which are released from the glue used to put the materials together and is used in cabinets, furniture, flooring etc. When the content of formaldehyde exceeds the Australian Standard of an E2 rating, it becomes a health issue to the users.   Among all floor categories, solid timber fl...
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Notes From a Forum

  About two years ago, I was informed by one of my customers that there is a flooring online forum. All of the members there are in the process of building new houses. I was invited to this group to provide some advice. Their questions range from product choice, flooring installation, stairs etc. There were indeed a lot to consider when comes to house renovation.   One Sunday afternoon, Mr and Mrs Li from the forum came to Ozwood’s showroom to look at floors and wall decorations. The couples left me with a good impression. They expressed concerns that are shared by many people who need their flooring installed. The first concern is choosing the wrong floorboard supplier. Secondly, it is the wrong or improper floorboard and lastly, the installation of the floorboard. Since Mr and Mrs Li’s order is a long-term project thus we had a thorough conversion revolving renovation and decoration. Due to the nature of the conversation, I thought it would be of use for most cust...
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Optimal installation method for Engineered Floorboard

Engineered Timer is a result of extensive experiences and improved techniques in floor making. With said, Engineered Timber is one of a kind in flooring which provides the features,grains and the feel of natural timber while offering the accessibility, affordability and robustness of a laminate. Though, with these conveniences, Engineered Timber could also be troublesome if not installed properly. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in installing a perfectly stable Engineered Floorboard.

  1.Applying glue at tongue and groove

This is the most commonly used and popular way of installing Floating Engineered Floorboards in both and House and Apartments. It is time saving and suitable for both timber and concrete surfaces. This type of installation,however, can only be used to install floorboard upon an even surface as the floor laid upon the surface can only be as even as the surface beneath, thus, having a flat surface is vital for attaining a stable floorboard.

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Five types of timber floors for unit and apartment (New Edition)

The first version of the article “The five choices of timber floor for units & Apartment” was published in 2015, with the aim of celebrating the establishment of Ozwood floor headquarters in auburn. The article has a great influence on the floor purchaser. Today, with the flooring industries progress and changed so rapidly, I felt it is necessary to rewrite the article to provide the most accurate and updated information for readers.

We have encountered lots of issues with bamboo floor in the past five years. Bamboo floor’s sensitivity to humidity and temperature has resulted in floor swelling, deformation and causing gaps. This is the reason that a lot of floor suppliers are reluctant to sell bamboo floor in their showroom nowadays. We believe bamboo floor is no longer an optimal choice for floor consumers.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is 100% waterproof, it had emerged in the market recently and soon become the top selection for the floor in shops, bathrooms, kitchen an...

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