What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is an innovative floorboard consisting of a durable print layer glued to a strong particleboard. This enables it to showcase the beauty of timber flooring (or any other design) whilst providing unmatched durability and affordability. Laminate flooring in Sydney has become a popular flooring solution that offers many advantages over traditional timber floors – they look beautiful, perform better, easier to install and are more affordable.

Laminate floors consist of a textured and coloured print layer that is sandwiched between a protective topcoat and a composite core made of HDF (a mix of melamine resin and fibreboard). The surface is also UV-protected, meaning it maintains its colour and doesn’t fade or stain over time. 

OZ Laminate

OZ laminate is a great economic choice and a perfect product for DIY. They’re easy to install, scratch resistent and water resistent. 

Barock Laminate

Our premium quality laminate. Abrasion level at AC5 , water resistant up to 72 hours, lowest formaldehyde level, ranges of colour and vivid timber floor patterns and colours.