When to use Flooring Accessories?


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What is a Skirting Board? 

Shirting Boards : A skirting board, or baseboard as they are know in the US, are timber or MDF boards, machined into a profile to create some decorative detailing, which are applied to the bottom of a wall to sit flush onto the floor. They can be painted or stained


What is a Scotia ?

Scotia: a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting.  Scotia is fixed to the skirting board and over the top of the flooring around the perimeter of the wall.


What is Underlay ?

Underlay: Underlay or flooring underlayment is a thin layer of material such as fiber, felt, rubber or foam. The thin layer of material helps cushion, sound absorption, insulation and reduce wear with your flooring.


What is Plywood?

Plywood flooring is a strong, durable pre – sanded panel suitable for flooring in residential, commercial and industrial applications, particularly where added strength is required. 


 What is Metal Trim?

A metal Trim , also known as a transition bar is installed along the joint between the floor board and other area (such as tiles or carpet). This protects the edge of the floor board and prevents people from tripping over the carpet when they walk into the room.