What Is Solid Timber Flooring?

Solid timber flooring or “hardwood flooring” is a floorboard entirely made from real timber of slow growing trees. Hardwood timber floors have a fine and beautiful grain and are heavier than other types of floorboards. Hardwood floors have been the premium flooring choice for centuries and installing a new hardwood timber floor will certainly last a lifetime.

Solid timber floors have a smooth and durable finish, and bring the natural warmth of timber into your home. Timber floors also have the unique quality of becoming more beautiful over time – the wood gradually ages, changing tones and becoming more beautiful over time.


Blackbutt Timber is a species that grows along the coast of New South Wales and Sourthern Queensland. The blackbutt timber floor has a smooth light colour which is uncommon amongst the timber floor species. 


Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum has a natural raw green and gray base colour. There are touches of light white and gentle red as well. This makes furniture matching easy and it is a modern and popular choice.


Here is Ozwood Timber Floor, we have a varieties of floor species coming from countries all around the world.