What Is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring is an innovative new type of waterproof flooring, bringing the best characteristics of both vinyl and laminate floors to create an improved floating floor. Hybrid floors are made of multiple layers of materials pressed together and come in a wide range of designs and styles. Hybrid floors are also 100% waterproof and suitable for all areas of the house (including the kitchen, and other wet areas).

The top layer is a UV-coated wear & tear layer, the second layer is a decorative print with the desired design, and the centre is a composite core board that is waterproof and stable. Finally, there is an acoustic backing that increases foot comfort and reduces sound resonance.

8mm – 7 Series

Premium 8mm products, whilst the normal SPC only consists 3 layers, the Barock SPC floor is formed by a 5 layered structure. 

8mm – 9 Series

CORK based hybrid, longer life span of the floor, reduced noise, more suitable for unit and apartment. 


Our premium hybrid has close imitation of timber wood pattern and colour, suitable for all area of your house including bathroom and kitchen.