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Optimal installation method for Engineered Floorboard

Engineered Timer is a result of extensive experiences and improved techniques in floor making. With said, Engineered Timber is one of a kind in flooring which provides the features,grains and the feel of natural timber while offering the accessibility, affordability and robustness of a laminate. Though, with these conveniences, Engineered Timber could also be troublesome if not installed properly. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you in installing a perfectly stable Engineered Floorboard.

 1.Applying glue at tongue and groove

This is the most commonly used and popular way of installing Floating Engineered Floorboards in both and House and Apartments. It is time saving and suitable for both timber and concrete surfaces. This type of installation,however, can only be used to install floorboard upon an even surface as the floor laid upon the surface can only be as even as the surface beneath, thus, having a flat surface is vital for attaining a stable floorboard.


 2.Applying glue at the back of the floorboard

This method of installation ensure each and every plank of the floorboard is attached firmly with the surface and thus provide more stability. This method of installation is suitable for circumstances where the surface is slightly uneven. It is important to note that this technique is costly in terms of time and money as each floorboard is individually glued to the ground.


3.Nailing the floorboard

Nailing is only feasible if the surface where the floorboard will be laid upon is timber. By nailing at the tongue and groove of the plank, not only it is aesthetically appealing, the floorboard is also extremely stable.


4.Gluing + Nailing

Without a doubt, gluing and then nailing the plank would be the best possible way of installing an Engineered Floorboard, the only downside of this would obviously be time consuming and costly.


At Ozwood, with experienced installers, you are sure to get the most out of Engineered Timber with proper installation techniques. Within 2017, Ozwood had already delivered countless exquisite Engineer Floorboards to families across Australia.


OZWOOD’s goal in 2018 continue to be focus on providing quality flooring to clients who are in pursuit of quality flooring. Engineered Floorboard is optimal choice for flooring. Each of the four installation methods is used accordingly, and it is best to use the fourth method to install Engineered floorboard for house.