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Laminate Floor Maintenance

How to care for laminate floor

  • Put protection under heavy duty furniture

Laminate is best known for its scratch resistance. Barock Laminate has achieved a scratch resistance of AC5 rating; they are undamaged to most of daily activity and they are perfect for family with kids and pets. However, when it comes to heavy duty furniture like aluminium chairs, repetitive moving and scratching might still break the protection layer of laminate over time, leaving marks and damages that are unrecoverable. Therefore, it is essential to put protector mat for heavy duty furnitures.

  • Wipe away stains and water on floor

Barock BFL Laminate is water resistant for 72 hours, it has a very enclosed gapping system, and water spilling would only float on surface of the floor. If there are stains and water, you should be confident that it wouldn’t cause any damage to the floor up to 72 hours. However, it should still be wiped away and mop to reduce such risk.

  • Don’t use wet mob, Use dry mop

Same reason apply, we want to prevent the floor from any water damage like swelling or floor bubbling. Pools of water can cause staining or fading.

  • Skip cleaning products that aren’t labelled as made for laminate

Oil-based cleaning products can leave streaks and residue or damage the protective sealant of the floors. If you use laminate cleaner, do so sparingly and apply it to the mop or microfiber cloth rather than directly to the floor. Never use wax or polishes on laminate floors.

  • Trim your pets nail

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed! Again, Barock laminate floor is strong enough to sustain any animal scratches, but it’s never too much to take precautions.

  • Keep your floor protected from direct sunlight

Laminate floor is usually better with sunlight compared to Hybrid floor, hybrid floor is also known as SPC, stone plastic composite. However, the wood element in laminate means it will always expand and shrink with heat changes and the surface of laminate may get faded or chip off with too much sun exposure. Make sure curtains are in place in area with direct sunlight.