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The Origin Of Barock Timber Flooring -Wayne’s Handbook

One day of February 2015, Denny Larson, the executive director of a non-profit environmental protection organization in USA called Global Community Monitor, showed signs of headache and slight vomiting just a few days after he relocated. He immediately came to realize there should be problems with decoration materials. Subsequently he applied the professional organization to examine and found that oxymethylene was above and beyond standard. He suspected that it came from the purchased laminated timber. 


Denny Larson and Richard Drury purchased over 150 boxes of laminated timber, and handed them over to the accredited lab for examination. The results demonstrated all timber exceeded the standard by 6-7 times or some nearly 20 times. The staggering number caused lab scientists reckon their machines were out of order. 


On 1st March, 2015, the ace TV-program <60 minute> of CBS revealed the sold laminated timber of the largest floor timber company-Lumber Liquidators, whose oxymethylene was far above standard. It has investigated that oxymethylene contained in laminated timber exceeds 6-7 times of California Standard. 


This is the world shocking “toxic floor timber” bombshell, and it shook up the building material market globally. The sales volume of laminated timber slipped to bottom in history in 2015, and many factories were closed. Why was I impressed with that? Not only I’m the people in the know, what’s more important, I was engaged by Barock Group to design the product structure of laminated timber and seek manufactory.


 Previously I emphasized the function of wear-resisting and waterproof. I attached foremost importance to the control of oxymethylene. Meanwhile, CARB methodology and all the factory lists approved by CARB were put on my desk. My career would have come to an end without putting oxymethylene under control. 


A couple of days ago, I negotiated with German experts about the quality indicators of Barock laminated timber. Their consensus is: I have to abandon series of products of dark color if I continue to use wear-resisting layer of 450 grams because the wear-resisting surface of dark color is not so clear. I am aware that light color laminated timber is mainstream among European gurus, and German factories featured 7/8/9 mm. However, the thickness is not what Barock expects. 


What’s more deadly, almost all German factories were not granted patent of Pressed Beveled Edges. The engineers insisted that their Micro/Normal Beveled Edges is the best, but they would not know Pressed Beveled Edges had occupied half of the laminated timber world. 


What’s most embarrassing, the purchasing cost should be much lower if the same quality products are produced in China. The problem is-can Chinese counterparts assure quality consistently?


 I expressed my concern to the people in the know who are first class quality experts. One of them told me that 6 of 7 Apple Mobile factories are in China. It’s possible to produce top notch products according to Chinese manufacturing capacity. The key is how to control quality, what’s more important it fetches a good price. Top notch product evolves from high cost.


I paid visits to over 10 laminated timber factories in mainland China and asked them why not produce better products. They gave me same answer. They could fully achieve the quality standard according to their equipment and innovative capacity if your price is ideal.


I did remember almost all American computers from late 90s installed with Intel chip gained excellent credit. Inspired by that, I mulled: Why not appoint high quality materials accredited by CARB for Barock?


My friend introduced JIUFANGYUAN Factory of YEKALON located at Hu Bei Province to me and posted a weibo article. It says: Under the sky, maze is stalking. However, under the roof, health and environmental protection are more precious. Sennorwell is its featured product made of pine tree. Its fiber characterizes dense structure, even texture, sturdy formation, golden color, environmental protection, wear –resisting, water proof, fragrant flavor etc and approved by CARB of USA. It is best choice of building materials and gains waves of upticks. The basic material provided by YEKALON deserved its reputation after many experiments held in lab. 



On March of 2015, invited by David, the Chairperson of OZWOOD, I inspected the whole Australian market. David told me during the flight to Sydney: first class price is double that of economy, destination and flight time are the same. However, first class cabin provides more leeway, better service. You may select first class on marriage journey. In terms of functions, luxury and average cars are almost the same. However, the capability, driving feel, the interior facility of luxury car are far outweighing that of average car. That is, first class for more comfort, driving luxury car for better safety, and a famous bag looks almost same as an ordinary bag. Nevertheless, the price may be many times differently. It is hard to understand that a brand bag prevails the whole world. 


Sydney is a city that pursuits quality living. Customer purchasing behavior has experienced an evolution of product focused to brand focused. Thus, in order for OZWOOD to establish a great reputation in flooring industry in Sydney, it needs to present top notch quality timber flooring. It will be accepted by the market with a superb quality even when the price is one fold higher than that of standard.


Mr David’s intent resonates with Barock. He expressed: he will invest in a grand showroom in Sydney if OZWOOD was to become the sole representative in Australia. At which, the floor will be displayed professionally and beautifully.


I presented Mr David’s intention to my superior. They noted that the property market in Australia is now booming, especially Sydney, the most populated city in Australia. With a relatively high above average wages, Sydney is the ideal starting place for Barock.


Targeting for Sydney flooring market, I selected veneer layer that mimics Australian Hardwood. The iconic BF-8201 Jarrah , BF-351 Black Butt, BF-8922 Spotted Gum are all suitable. In addition, 5 different style of Oak is added to the mainstream sector. The result is, Natural Oak series, BF-8164, and Lime Wash Oak series, BF-8613, become popular and trendy in Sydney.

I must admit, I was first concerned with the sales of Barock series as its higher cost and advanced technology increase its retail price. However, the sales of Barock series from OZWOOD prove me wrong. Its sales are more than one fold higher than that of standard laminate. This proves Mr David’s judgment right. Sydney indeed is a city in pursuits of quality and has already marched toward brand focus consumption.


My return to Sydney is at September 2016. During my return, I randomly selected 50 household which have Barock installed for more than a year as a market research. This further increases my confidence in Barock as none of the Barock series floorboard has suffered any defect or deformation. Majorities of the customer even provide me with their testimony and review about Barock. Some stated; Barock is stable, easy-to-maintain, durable and odorless. Getting such high praise from customers gives me a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Barock by far is the only timber flooring that holds up to its quality control that I have encountered within my career.



David has kept his word. OZWOOD’s showroom located at D290 Parramatta Rd, Auburn has over 800 square meter of display center. Additionally, the showroom has 3 rooms that are decorated as kitchen, bedroom and study-room with Barock. This allows customers to visualize the finishing look. The showroom is among the biggest and most splendid showroom in Sydney where lands are sacred and costly.


 Advancement of society is better served with technology. With experiences and development through 2016, techniques in manufacturing flooring have also advanced, Barock is no different. In 2017, the newly updated Barock-E type flooring is better. It now offers more features and choices of color, an optimal width and length of 197mm and 2280mm. In addition, it comes with an EVA acoustic layer. Nevertheless, its base material is still Sennorwell from YEKALON, light color variation, 450 gram of wear-resisting layer and Pressed Beveled Edges. As Barock’s Quality Control Manager, I can assure to every Barock user that the quality of Barock will only continue to better with times.  


Barock brand is not tailor made solely for Sydney. In 2018, Barock will continue to grow in countries with purchasing power. Barock brand is not price competitive as it presents a different set of measurements to its consumers; value and quality living. Barock welcomes partners and traders who are interested in operating international franchises and representatives. Together with passion and entrepreneurial inspiration we can begin a new venture with excitement and wealth.