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OZWOOD Website: An informative site for flooring

 It is safe to say that it can never go wrong with shopping around when it comes to adding an expensive home-ware or household appliances to get the best deal. However, with well-trained salespersons, customers often get lost with confusing terminology and various forms of sales pitches without gaining useful and primary information. The same can be said when it comes to buying timber flooring. 


With the aim of providing customers with the most primary and essential information when it comes to timber flooring, OZWOOD has dedicated a column at the official website. At OZWOOD website, you will find not only information regarding different types of floorings but also useful tips and demonstrations for installing perfect floorboard.


 <The Essential Knowledge before Installing Floors> is there to help you should you need help in choosing the right floorboard for you home. Or perhaps, you would be interested in reading


<Five Types of Timber Floors for Units and Apartment> when having difficulties in considering which floor is the most suitable. There are also numerous videos showcasing the installation processes and the 3D display which help customers visualize the finishing product.


OZWOOD has also published several posts and articles that are relating to timber flooring on several Chinese Newspapers for the past five years. The purposes of these articles are solely to provide insightful information about flooring that is beneficial for readers. It is well-praised among the readers. Many of the readers have been benefited from OZWOOD articles and since have a better understanding for OZWOOD. Majorities of the posts and articles from other flooring traders are mostly revolving around product information and promotion of the company. However, OZWOOD’s one is more focused on instructive and helpful information for its customers. This is beneficial for both OZWOOD and its customers. It provides, firstly, useful information that is essential to customers but hard to obtain for customers. The website also provides professional and intuitive information for floor selection, installation and maintenance from the perspective of both the industry and market. It also aims to achieve in making OZWOOD a well-established and trusted oriental culture enterprise in Australia. OZWOOD has been striving for this goal since its establishment and it is now gaining a great reputation within the industry.


In addition, the website has a dedicated column for displays of projects OZWOOD had previously done, presenting the workmanship of OZWOOD and gives the customers confidence handing their beloved home to OZWOOD. The panoramic feature of the website allows you browse around OZWOOD’s showroom, with a tap of fingertips. 


OZWOOD has devoted enormous effort in making the demonstration videos, 3D displays and photos that were taken over 100 sites that OZWOOD had previously done. With dedicated columns, 3D displays and product introductions, finding your floorboard could not have been easier.