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Installing solid timber in Units and Apartments

Among all type of floorboard, solid timber is expensive, delicate and volatile. However, it is still a popular choice for flooring mainly due to the following factors. It is safer and more environmentally friendly as it does not require any adhesive or chemicals. It is more stable as it is not installed with floating installation method. Moreover, as the surface of solid timber normally warms in winter and cools in summer thus making it a better and healthier option over others. Solid timber has always been a popular and luxurious choice for families.


Most units and apartment in Sydney normally install laminate as it is reliable and affordable. Other would prefer Engineered Floorboard as it is a more refined option. Some with special taste and desire for solid timber would take none other than solid timber.


These distinct individual’s apartment are often high-priced and located at prime area. Thus it is reasonable to install solid timber for such exquisite apartment. Some from Asia, mostly from China, Thailand and Vietnam has a strong desire and affection toward solid timber.


Hence, how to best install solid timber in Unit and Apartment?


There are two major differences between house and apartment in installing solid timber. Firstly, it is prohibited from nailing in the concrete floor in most apartments. Moreover, acoustic is a major concern in laying solid timber floor in apartment. Thus it requires certain skill and technique to lay solid timber in unit and apartment.

The three main installation methods for solid timber in apartment are as follow.


  1. Single layered gluing: This method requires a single layer of glue upon the concrete surface. The floor plank is then laid directly upon the glue. This method is simple and easy-to-installed. However, as there is no acoustic layer, sound proofing may be a problem.

  2. Double layered gluing: This method is similar to single layered gluing. Firstly, a layer of glue is applied upon the concrete surface on which an acoustic layer is laid. Then another layer of glue is applied upon the acoustic layer. The floor plank is then laid over it. This installation method solves the soundproofing problem. However, it is costlier for extra glue and acoustic layers.


With the two methods, it is feasible to lay solid timber in apartment and unit. However, the floor plank is not as stable and well-knit as those laid in house. The last method is optimal in ensuring a stable and soundproofing solid timber floor.


  1. gluing + Nailing : A layer of glue is applied upon the concrete surface, on which an acoustic layer is set. Another layer of glue is then covering the acoustic layer to stable 12mm plywood upon it. The solid wood plank can now be nailed upon the plywood. This is the ideal and optimal installation method but come with a hefty price and lengthy installation time.


With years of improving and modifying, OZWOOD developed a new type of IXPE plywood. With this type of plywood, layers of glue and acoustic layers are no longer required. After the IXPE plywood is positioned on the concrete surface, the solid timber plank is then nailed upon it. This type of installation is the most efficient as it is time saving, reliable and less costly.