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The Spotted Gum I know

Exceptionally hard timber flooring with varying grain, which is composed of a mixture of green, gray and gold colors provides versatility to a home. When furnishing a home, some prefer furniture with darker tone while others prefer lighter ones. Regardless of the choice of tone, a harmonious environment can always be obtained with this flooring. This is the most popular and sought after solid timber in Australia—-spotted gum. 


Due to the nature of my occupation, natural solid timber holds a special place in my mind. I have roamed all forestry around Asia, from the far north of China to those in South East Asia. I am fond of the Larch from the North East of China, I also desire Teak from Thailand, and the Rosewood from Myanmar adores me. A wood trunk or a broken branch would sometime remind me of the drying and polishing process of making a beautifully finished wooden product. I am passionate for wood and timber flooring. Not only it is because my occupation and enterprise are revolving around it, it is also my knowledge and wealth.


The gray-greenish spotted gum has never drawn my attention when I first arrived in Sydney. I can hardly believe that it is often being compared with African Rosewood. The scent, grain and texture of it just seem incomparable to African Rosewood in my then opinion. With a great expectation of African Rosewood, I imported African Rosewood to Sydney and promoted extensively, however, the reaction from the market suggested otherwise.


From this, I realised that it is the market that grants spotted gum the special place. In order for OZWOOD to be an established and trusted brand within the industry, I came to realise that spotted gum plays a vital part. Hence, I started to focus on spotted gum and learned to appreciate its specialty. There are four benefits in choosing spotted gum. 

  • Great Color and Texture: Spotted Gum has a natural raw green and grey as its base colour, also there are touches of light white and gentle red across the timber. With such versatility of colour, it makes it easy when matching the furniture and it is a modern and popular choice.


  • Hardness of the wood plank: The standard hardness for household’s solid timber floor is 4.5KN (Kilo Newton). The average hardness of Australian eucalyptus wood flooring is 9KN, and Spotted Gum has a hardness of 11KN.


  • Excellent stability: Spotted Gum not only has a unique texture, but it also has natural oil in its wood fibres, so there will be little waveform or cupping. The risk of shrinking is much lower than any other type of solid timber flooring.


  • Affordability: Australia is rich in eucalyptus resources, and Spotted Gum is one of the primary species. Compared to the other valuable flooring around the globe, Spotted Gum flooring has a reasonable price tag. As a reference, the price of similar timber flooring, the American black walnut flooring, has a market price of $225 / square metre.

After years of experience in spotted gum, I devoted a significant amount of effort in researching and developing in making a better spotted gum. After five years of extensive R&D, spotted gum from OZWOOD has six advantages over that of the others in the market. 

  • Exquisite Resources: Queensland Spotted Gum is darker and denser than the majorities of Spotted Gum that are sourced elsewhere. It has earned its name as one the best-Spotted Gum for its great texture, grain and reliability. The Spotted Gum from OZWOOD is from Queensland which makes it the best of its range and the value of it is second to none.


  • Quality Control: During the manufacturing process, each board is carefully selected by staff to ensure it contains the correct moisture content. The finished product is then examined by qualified professionals with years of experiences


  • Established Mega-Factory with Quality and Reliable Manufacturing Process: OZWOOD’s solid wood flooring manufacturer, Golden Elephant, Ltd locates in China’s Suzhou province. With more than 20 years of solid wood flooring manufacturing experiences and excellent quality control, the company is now among China’s top 10 Timber Flooring brands. It is ranked in China’s top 500 enterprises.


  • Chemical Free: The main material used in OZWOOD’s Spotted Gum flooring is naturally sourced. Then, in the manufacturing process, no chemicals are used. The surface coating is rigorously tested by independent and reputable institutions and does not contain any formaldehyde.
  • Best price to value: Due to its popularity, OZWOOD’s Spotted Gum flooring is manufactured in high volumes. By combining a vast scale of production and a refined management system, it significantly reduces the level of unexpected and variable [costs. Optimized, advanced and efficient manufacturing and marketing costs allow savings to be passed on to our customers. Hence, offers our customers the best price to value Spotted Gum that is available in the market.


  • 100% Satisfaction Rate: Spotted Gum floor is OZWOOD’s essential product. Every aspect is strictly controlled; from material selection to on-site installation, . Based on customers’ review, we are proud to say that OZWOOD’s Spotted Gum is not only the best price to value but also its quality is second to none.