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A Healthy Choice


The most beautiful home is not necessarily a house with luxurious decor of a palace, have expensive museum displays or space as much as a castle. 

The most beautiful home is simply a healthy home.

To me, a healthy home has two meanings. First, a home that is a healthy environment for family living. And second, a harmonious and warm family atmosphere.

 For this article, I will discuss the health impacts of your flooring selection and how it affects everyday living. 

It is common today to see the incorrect choice of materials used in flooring. There are reported poisoning incidents from smells of aldehydes and discoloration. The most common of aldehydes is formaldehyde, which are released from the glue used to put the materials together and is used in cabinets, furniture, flooring etc. When the content of formaldehyde exceeds the Australian Standard of an E2 rating, it becomes a health issue to the users. 

Among all floor categories, solid timber floor is top quality, environmentally friendly and aldehyde free. It is a dried and sterilised product with an E0 rating, the best possible grading. This is because it requires only a very small amount of glue to put together and safe to use. The amount of formaldehyde in glued wood products can be rated in 3 levels of international common standards; 

  • E0 < 0.5mg / L
  • E1 < 1.5mg / L
  • E2 < 5.0mg / L

Mandatory standards for laminate floors in Japan, Germany, US, Belgium, China and Australia is E1. Health is a priority, E0 rated laminated, engineered and solid timber floors are the best choices.

Ozwood controls the level of formaldehyde and the materials used in their flooring products. Our Barock brand flooring is widely recognised in the industry not only for health reasons; it is also a double patented product.

The Barock floor has a patented latch system and patented moulded edge/corner design. This system and design, when installed, locks in and tightens with adjacent boards for better water resistance.

 Barock floor is made from years of research and is changing the way Sydney floors are made and used. In the past, the only option for an E0 rating was to use solid timber, but it is an expensive choice. With Barock floors, everyone can enjoy this healthy and affordable product.  Benefits of choosing Barock floors;

  • Peace of mind: Barock floor is a green product and not harmful for the home
  • Price: it is a cost saving choice and affordable
  • Product: has tough surface hardness and high water resistant
  • Installation: it can be installed on wooden, cement or tile surface